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Hide Tent suitable for nature photography is a specially treated dome tent. Available in several different colours it meets most of the requirements of any wildlife photographer. The breathable & waterproof nylon prevents it from getting stuffy inside and impedes condensation resulting from temperature differences typically problematic for nylon tents. The sleeves with cuffs on three sides on different levels improve its functionality and additionally protect the equipment against water dripping in the rain. Above each sleeve on the exit wall of the tent a widescreen viewfinder is placed from a very fine and strong mesh in camouflage. Unused visors are closed by magnets for silent & comfortable use. The system of belts and ropes on each of the walls allows the use of natural camouflage & fastening of twigs, grass & ferns. An X frame base allows the strong fibreglass clips to easily attach and fully pitched the Hide Tent has dimensions of 1,3m x 1,3m x 1,3 m, with a total weight of 2kg. It fits into a small pouch that can be easily attached to any backpack.
Our Hide tent is available in 2 different colours: