Specially designed equipment to allow the lowest possible perspective and comfort at the same time. Ground Pod is an ideal solution to get an angle unattainable for a tripod. Its compact & modular design facilitates both transport & shooting in a field. Anyone who has tried to clean a muddy tripod knows that a ground pod has its advantages also in this regard. Bowl-shaped & two centimetres deep with a large surface contacting the ground it works like a snowshoe & prevents from collapsing in the snow, sand or mud. Made of the highest quality stainless materials weighing 1 kg it is perfectly balanced. Hence, it makes a solid foundation for even the heaviest lenses. Its powder coated surface reduces glare & damages. The 3/8” thread is typical for all sorts of ball heads and a fitting seal allows for a robust & secure fastening of the camera head. The Ground Pod has a tailor-made, waterproof case, which makes attaching it to a backpack easier & prevents the dirt from getting to the rest of the equipment when it is used on a muddy ground.